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The Optimal Saving And Investment Solution

Al Salam Bank-Bahrain offers you a trusted solution

to saving and investing your funds with our Wakala accounts


Secure your capital and watch it grow in an Islamic way with any of our products designed to suit your needs.

 offers you the below benefits:

Flexible Wakala schems.

Flexible deposit tenors up to 5 years.
Attractive Profit rates.
Minimum balance starting from BHD500 monthly.
Available in a selection of currencies including BHD, USD, GBP.


Wakala Plus enables you to cash your profit in advance to the extent of estimated profit for the entire period of deposit, which is adjusted out of the final profit.


Easy Wakala deposit scheme offers you the privilege to cash the expected profit on the Wakala deposit every month.


Eyali scheme offers you generous return on your monthly savings, where monthly deposit can be made for a specific period of time and expected profit will be distributed on maturity. Minimum deposit amount is BHD 50 per month.

Documents required:

  • Two valid IDs
  • Copy of visa page for expats

Add profit to your savings and live to your dreams
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