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The EFTS is a national Funds transFer and payment system, enables Banks' customers to benefit From three main services: 


Fawri+ A 30 seconds single transFer From any Bank Account to any other Bank Account in Bahrain with a maximum limit of BHD 1,000/- per Account per day.


  • Transfers with value of BD 100 or less: Free of Charge.
  • Transfers with value more than BD 100: Maximum amount of BD 0.100. 

Fawri Single or Bulk funds transfers of any amount From any Bank Account to any other Bank Account in Bahrain within Few hours during the business day.


  • Salaries transfers: Maximum amount of BD 0.005 (paid by the Employer).
  • Fund transFer (other than Salaries): Maximum amount of BD 0.100.


Fawateer A one stop shop For bill enquiries and payments, where customers can view their outstanding bills of multiple billers in Bahrain and pay them all immediately in a single click.


  • FREE of charge to the customers.

*Fawateer will be launched soon.









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