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Today, internet banking is more than an added-value service; it is a way of life. As the pace of living keeps on increasing, time is becoming an ever more scarce and precious commodity: while customers go through long and time-consuming queues and feel upset about procedures, family, friends, leisure and quality time most unfortunately tend to end up taking second place.

Realizing that a bank’s role really is to make its customers' life easier, we have come up with the ultimate in internet banking: Al Salam Bank–Bahrain Online, where transactions are made on the spot and information is provided instantaneously.

Al Salam Bank-Bahrain Online offers you an unprecedented range of features and services such as:

  • Viewing account statements and balances
  • Making internal transfers between Al Salam Bank-Bahrain accounts
  • Making external transfers to other local or overseas accounts
  • Utility payment
  • Standing-order requisition
  • Service requests:
       - Cheque-book requests
       - Demand-draft requests
       - Account statements and confirmations
  • Viewing investment portfolio report
  • Making all account enquiries
  • Viewing facilities repayment schedules
  • Making Wakala Deposit enquiries

Al Salam Bank–Bahrain Online allows you to conduct most of your banking transactions from a location comfortable and convenient to you. It could be your very own home, office, or wherever you are and at whatever time that suits you, without taking valuable time away from your loved ones and without having to find time within your busy work schedule to make your banking transactions.

Open an account with us today to enjoy the luxury of easy and secure Online Banking and increase your spare some time to enjoy more of the quality things in life.

For more information on Al Salam Bank–Bahrain Online, please call +973 17 560056 or send and email to: callcentre(at)

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