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Independent and non-executive
Director since: 20 March 2012
Term started: 24 February 2015 
Hussein Mohammed Al Meeza is considered one of the renowned personalities in the Islamic banking sectors and Islamic finance and insurance. Al Meeza’s outstanding career success was crowned in December 2006 when the International Conference of Islamic Bankers chose him as the 2006 Best Islamic Banking Personality. Having graduated from the Beirut Arab University in 1975, Al Meeza started his professional career at the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) where he spent 27 years during which he played a pioneering role in enhancing and developing the bank’s services. His landmark achievement was the establishment of the Al Salam Banks in Sudan, Bahrain and Algeria. Al Meeza is currently Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Al Salam Bank- Algeria, Board member of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, Chairman of the founding committee of Islamic Insurance and Re-Insurance Companies, Vice  Chairman of Emirates Cooperative Society – Dubai. He is also a Board Member of Emirates Society for Insurance. He was a founder member of Emaar properties, Amlak finance. Emaar Industries & Investments, Emaar Financial services, Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company (AMAN). Al Meeza occupied the positions of which - the CEO and Managing Director of Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company (AMAN), Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Al Salam Bank-Sudan, Chairman of LMC Bahrain, Chairman of the executive committee of Islamic Trading company in Bahrain, Board member and chairman of the Executive committee in Amlak Finance – Dubai and chairman of Emaar financial services – Dubai.    

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Board of Directors