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Al Salam Bank is guided by a Shari'a Supervisory Board consisting of four distinguished scholars. The Board reviews the Bank's activities to ensure that all products and investment transactions comply fully with the rules and principles of Islamic Shari'a.

Dr. Hussain Hamid Hassan

Dr Hassan holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Shari’a, Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt; and a Masters in Comparative Jurisprudence and Diploma in Comparative Law (both of which are the equivalent of a Ph.D.) from the International Institute of Comparative Law, University of New York, USA. He also holds a Masters in Comparative Juries, and Diplomas in Shari’a and Private Law, from the University of Cairo; and an LL B in Shari’a from Al Azhar University. He is the Chairman and member of the Shari’a Supervisory Board in many of the Islamic Financial Institutions. In addition, Dr. Hassan is Chairman of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists, Washington, USA; a member of the European Islamic Board for Research & Consultation, Dublin, Ireland; and an Expert at the Union of Islamic Banks, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ali Mohuddin Al’Qurra Daghi

Dr. Al’Qurra Daghi holds a Ph.D. in Shari’a and Law, and a Masters in Shari’a and Comparative Fiqh, from Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. He also holds a BSc. in Islamic Shari’a from Baghdad University, Iraq; a certificate of traditional Islamic Studies under the guidance of eminent scholars in Iraq; and is a graduate of the Islamic Institute in Iraq. He is currently Professor of Jurisprudence in the faculty of Shari’a law and Islamic Studies at the University of Qatar. He sits on the Boards of Shari’a Supervisory Boards for several banks and financial institutions. Dr. Al’Qurra Daghi is also a member of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the European Muslim Council for Efta and Researches, the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and the Academic Advisory Committee of the Islamic Studies Centre, Oxford University, UK. He also has published several research papers tackling various types of Islamic Finance, Islamic Fiqh, Zakah and Islamic Economy.

Shaikh Adnan Abdulla Al Qattan

Shaikh Adnan Al-Qattan holds Masters degree in the Quran and Hadith from the University of Um Al-Qura, Makka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Shari’a from the Islamic University, Madeena, Saudi Arabia. Shaikh Al Qattan is also a Judge in the Shari’a Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice – Kingdom of Bahrain. Shaikh Al Qattan is a Member of Shari’a Supervisory Boards for several Islamic banks and he is also Chairman of Al Sanabil Orphans Protection Society, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Charity Establishment under the Royal Court – Kingdom of Bahrain, and President of the Kingdom of Bahrain Hajj Mission. In addition, he is a Friday sermon orator at Al-Fatih Grand Mosque. Shaikh Al Qattan contributed to drafting the Personal Status Law for the Ministry of Justice and is a regular participant in Islamic committees, courses, seminars and conferences.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulhakim Zoeir
Member & Committee Secretary

Dr. Zoeir holds Ph.D. in Islamic Economy; Masters degree in Islamic Shari’a (Economy); Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences; and a Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies. He is Member of the Fatwa Board in a number of Islamic financial institutions and has 18 years experience with Egypt Central Bank. Dr. Zoeir was also the Head of Shari’a compliance in Dubai Islamic Bank.

Mr. Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna

Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna holds a PhD in laws with specialization in Islamic banking and finance from International Islamic University Malaysia, and Masters in Comparative Laws. He also holds BA degree in Shari’a and Higher Diploma in Education from Islamic University, Medina. He is an expert in Islamic banking and finance since 1997. Before joining Al Salam Bank-Bahrain, Dr. Arbouna was the Shari’a Head and Shari’a Board member in the Seera Investment Bank BSC Bahrain. Prior to that, he worked as the Head of Shari’a department in the Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain. Also, Dr. Arbouna worked as Sharia researcher and consultant for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) – Bahrain. Dr. Arbouna lectures on Islamic banking and finance and gives consultancy on orientation and professional programs for a number of professional and educational institutions. Dr. Arbouna is a member of Islamic Money Market Framework (IMMF) steering committee initiated by Central Bank of Bahrain for management of liquidity among Islamic banks.









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