Fraudulent Emails

Dear Al Salam Bank Bahrain Customer,
Recently, there has been many news in the market regarding banking customers having reported receiving fraudulent emails that appear to be from their bank, but which are, in fact, sent by imposters. Fraudulent emails typically include attachments, request personal information or both. The fraudulent email may provide a web link that connects to a bank look-alike site.
When such emails are sent in a bank name, banks works aggressively with law enforcement agencies to investigate them. We kindly would like to remind you that Al Salam Bank Bahrain does not ask customers to provide sensitive information in this way. You should not reply to such emails.
Be very suspicious of any business or person who asks for your password, ATM PIN number, or other highly sensitive information. If you have responded to one of the emails giving personal information, please contact Al Salam Bank - Bahrain contact Center as soon as possible on +973-17 56 00 56.
These may appear to come from a trusted business or friend, but actually are designed to trick you into downloading a virus or jumping to a fraudulent website and disclosing sensitive information.