Students Prepaid Card

​​​​​​Think of this as a safety net!

​Its tough balancing student finances. When your child leaves home to join a university abroad, you need the flexibility and portability of topping up money to help tide them over their n​ew chapter in life. With Al Salam Bank’s prepaid card, your child can now transact from his card account with maximum convenience and easy ac​cess at anytime and anywhere without the need to carry cash.

​​​Your prepaid card designed to help with student finances.

Choose any 4 of the available​ card curre​ncies: BHD, US Dollar, British Pound or EURO and no FX mark-up when used in the country of the card currency.
Transfer your child’s education fees directly to the card in real-time

Set your own limits – Top up the card up to BD 6,000 or equivalent to BD in other currencies.
Easy to track the card spending with an access to keep a close eye on your child’s need with our Monthly e-Statement and Free SMS alerts.
Global card acceptance at over 35 million outlets and 2 million ATMs
​​​​​​​ SAFE & SECURE
It is chip enabled. Online transactions with an additional security featuring Verified by Visa service.

Let your child have a solid education abroad and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. 
​Put Al Salam Bank’s Student Prepaid Card at the top of your child’s university to-do list. 

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