Board Committees

Consistent with the industry’s best practice, the Board has established four Committees with defined roles and responsibilities. The Standing Committees of the Board are Executive Committee, Audit and Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee and, Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee.

Executive Committee

The Committee operates under the delegated authority of the Board and provides direction to the executive management on business matters, as delegated by the Board, to address matters arising between the Board meetings. The Committee is responsible for reviewing business matters concerning credit and market risks, strategy review and providing recommendation to the Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Committee’s responsibility to assist the Board in discharging its oversight duties relating to matters such as risk and compliance, including the integrity of the Bank’s financial statements, financial reporting process and systems, internal controls and financial controls. The Committee also, acts as a liaison between the external auditor, internal auditor and the Board. The Committee is also charged with the responsibility of handling whistleblowing complaints and monitoring related party transactions.

Remuneration Committee

The Committee’s role is to provide a formal and transparent procedure for developing a compensation policy for the Board, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management (approved persons and material risk takers); ensures that compensation offered is competitive, in line with the market/peer group and consistent with the responsibilities assigned to employee. In addition, the Committee recommends to the Board special compensation plans, including annual performance bonus and short/long term incentives, to attract, motivate and retain key employees.

Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

The Committee’s role is to evaluate and nominate candidates to the Board, as well as facilitate the assessment of performance of the Board, Committees and individual Directors. In addition, the Committee is responsible to ensure that Directors receive adequate training during the year so as to be able to perform their duties on the Board and the Committees they serve on. The Committee is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Corporate Governance Framework of the Bank is adequate and in compliance with the prevailing regulations. The Committee liaises with the Bank’s Corporate Governance Officer to manage the governance related activities.