Shari'a Supervisory Board

Shaikh Adnan Al Qattan holds Master’s degree in the Quran and Hadith from the University of Um Al-Qura, Makka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Shari’a from the Islamic University, Madeena, Saudi Arabia. Shaikh Al Qattan is also​ a Judge in the Shari’a Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice – Kingdom of Bahrain. Shaikh Al Qattan is a Member of Shari’a Supervisory Boards for several Islamic banks and he is also Chairman of Al Sanabil Orphans Protection Society, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Charity Establishment under the Royal Court - Kingdom of Bahrain, and President of the Kingdom of Bahrain Hajj Mission. In addition, he is a Friday sermon orator at Al-Fatih Grand Mosque. Shaikh Al Qattan contributed to drafting the Personal Status Law for the Ministry of Justice and is a regular participant in Islamic committees, courses, seminars and conferences.